Authors Featured March 2, 2019

Rachelle Cruz

Rachelle Cruz, the Literary Laureate for the Inland Empire, will join us as the Festival Poet for 2019. She is a multi-genre writer, not only poetry, but also fiction, non-fiction, and literary reviews. As the daughter of Filipino immigrants, her works are infused with images and cultural references of their homeland, kept alive by the storytelling of her grandmother. Her poetry collection, God’s Will for Monsters won the American Book Award in 2018 and the 2016 Hillary Gravendyk Regional Poetry Prize.

Bella DePaulo

Author, professor, speaker, and social scientist  Dr. Bella DePaulo has managed to beautifully combine her personal passion with her professional pursuits. After spending years writing and speaking on her expertise in the psychology of deception, she turned to her true passion, the practice and study of single life. In 2007 her first non-academic book on the topic, Singled Out, was published, and she continues to debunk myths and raise our consciousness about single people and their place in contemporary American society. 


Randa Jarrar

Randa Jarrar professor of English at Fresno State University finds time to write award winning novels, short stories, essays, and columns, and to be an advocate and mentor for others.  Her first book, an Arab American coming of age novel, A Map of Home, has been translated into seven languages.  Her second book, Him, Me, Muhammad Ali, has garnered many awards

Ivy Pochoda

Novelist and writer Ivy Pochoda is well adept at unmasking characters and places, revealing the complexities and contradictions that lie beneath the surface.  Her first novel, The Art of Disappearing, was published in 2009, and Visitation Street, published in 2013, followed by 2017’s Wonder Valley, have both been met with much critical acclaim. She has also contributed various articles, essays and reviews to publications including The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and Vogue. Originally from Brooklyn, Ivy now lives in Los Angeles, and her experiences teaching creative writing in Skid Row provided much inspiration for her latest novel, Wonder Valley.

Florencia Ramirez

Florencia Ramirez, author of Eat Less Water, is a trained researcher at the University of Chicago's School of Public Policy. She won the 6th Gift of Freedom Genre Finalist in Creative Nonfiction by A Room of Her Own Foundation (AROHO). Florencia's writing is an estuary where the different rivers of her personality and experience converge. The salt water of her public policy training at the University of Chicago, the fresh water of her creative writing instruction, the brackish water of the activist, and the nurturing water of the educator and mother spill onto the pages of Eat Less Water. Her articles appear in Edible Community Magazine, The San Jose Mercury News, among others, and her popular blog. Florencia writes from Oxnard, California, an agricultural town on the Pacific coast that smells of celery, strawberries, and fertilizers. 

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