How are WLF authors selected?
The Festival Author Committee consists of several members from the Festival Board. In order to be considered for participation, an author’s work must align with the Festival’s mission statement. The committee also strives to represent a variety of genres in their selection process.

How can I recommend an author?
Please use the evaluation form provided at the Festival to write author recommendations for future consideration. Your suggestions will be forwarded to the Festival Author Committee.

Is the Women’s Literary Festival for women only?
No. Although the WLF authors are women only, male attendees are welcome.

How is the Festival funded?
The Women’s Literary Festival is a non-profit, grassroots endeavor supported by admission tickets, personal contributions and grants.

How do I make a donation to the WLF? How do I become a Sponsor?
Donations are gratefully accepted, in any amount, at any time during the year. Mail to: Women’s Literary Festival Santa Barbara, P.O. Box 296, Carpinteria, CA 93014. For information on Sponsorship opportunities, please click on the “Sponsors” tab on this website.

Is there reserved seating at the Festival so that I may sit with my friends?
Seating at the Festival is open—no reservations are taken. If you desire to sit with friends or your Book Club, we recommend that you consider the purchase of a table for 10 at the special rate of $600 (a savings of $5 per ticket). See “Special Offer for Groups” by clicking on the “Festival” tab on this website for more information.

Could breakfast food be provided along with coffee?
The Festival Board is dedicated to keeping admission costs as low as possible. Adding food with the morning coffee would mean increasing ticket costs substantially.

The resort does have a snack area near the main lobby where you may purchase rolls, muffins, pastries, etc.

What should I bring to the Festival?
The Festival Board recommends that you bring a writing implement (for taking notes on authors); cash, your checkbook or credit card for purchasing authors’ books from our book room; and, due to the venue’s policy of maintaining a cool temperature in the ballroom, a jacket or warm sweater.

Some attendees also find it convenient to bring their own book bag in which to carry any book purchases.

Is there a charge for parking at The Fess Parker?
No. It is included in the admission fee. You may validate your parking ticket at the Welcome table before you enter the main ballroom.

Why does the registration fee cost more when I pay online by credit card using PayPal?
Any organization or online business using the secure PayPal system is automatically charged an additional fee for its usage by customers. It is a standard percentage fee based upon the amount of purchase. If you prefer to avoid this fee, you may send a check by mail for the individual registration of $65.

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